Recently, I’ve had multiple people remark on the silky-smooth texture of my skin, specifically my arms. I promise you, I put very little effort into making my skin smooth and actually don’t really think much about it. But I do agree, my skin does feel pretty smooth to the touch, so it got me thinking. Why is my skin so smooth without me doing much of anything to get it that way? This kind of thing fascinates me and after thinking it through, I came up with a couple of reasons why I might have noticeably smooth skin without putting much effort into it.


(This is an artsy image that I took in college of my shoulder, not some other rounded fleshy area of the bod)


I think most soaps, whether or not they market themselves as “gentle,” or “moisturizing,” and whether they are bar or body wash, always dry out the skin. Soaps in general are chemical products, made in factories, and then encased in some kind of paper or plastic until it gets to you. Even if you go out of your way to buy soap from a farmer’s market that was hand-made in someone’s basement (I suppose this is better if you insist on using soap), it’s still putting something on the skin while it’s just trying to breathe normally. And this is upsetting to the skin. It’s an organ and it needs to breathe in order to function properly and happily. It prefers the purest and most natural of substances, and what could be more natural than water?

Every once in a while, when I’m feeling indulgent, I will get out the loofah and use some kind of body wash, that I’ve chosen specifically for the scent and the scent alone. I will use the loofah all over my body and it’s not to clean or moisturize or exfoliate. It’s simply because it feels good and smells good while I’m doing it. That’s it. After I do this, I always make sure to moisturize, because otherwise, my skin is drier than it was before I used it. But in general, water is the only thing ever touching my arms and legs when I’m in the shower. Just to clarify, I definitely use soap for all of the important areas like the ears, the under arms, and “in between the thighs.”

This is what I’ve been using lately in terms of indulgent and yummy smelling body washes. These are not the cheapest, but they will most likely last me a year (or even more) given the infrequency that I use them. I chose them for my love of the scent and that is all: Aveda Shampure Hand and Body Wash, Kiehl’s Musk Shower Gel, and Library of Flowers Linden Shower Gel


If you are like me and you make a modest living, you might live in an apartment complex like me. And if you live in an apartment complex like me, the water system might be a bit questionable. When I first started living in my adorable abode, I noticed white deposits left around all of the faucet openings. I’ve also had more than one hair dresser remark that I must be a swimmer because they can feel the chlorine in my hair. Yikes! At first I thought that because I live in an apartment complex, I am a victim of their water system and powerless over its poisonous effects. But, after several years, I realized I could actually do something about this. I took myself to Home Depot, pulled a customer service guy aside, and asked him to show me where the shower filters were. Turns out there is an entire wall devoted to shower filters of all shapes, sizes and prices. This is my filter of choice: Universal Shower Filter by Sprite Showers. I asked the maintenance man in my building to install it (unless you know a guy), and he did with ease. It needs to be changed every six months so I mark my calendar when it’s time (I would never remember something like this without marking my calendar). Once that’s taken care of, get ready to enjoy the smooth skin compliments flooding in!


I only moisturize my body about once a week. I know that sounds a bit infrequent but I just hate doing it. Some people really get into it, and if you love rubbing moisturizer all over your body at 7:30 in the morning when you’re running late for work, please keep enjoying that indulgence. But I really can’t be bothered with that, unless I just shaved my legs. That is the only time when I moisturize my entire body. If I didn’t shave my legs and use that as an excuse to moisturize, I would probably go longer. Of course, in the winter, when everything is dryer, I probably moisturize every other day, or every three days if I can get away with it.

I also don’t spend very much on moisturizer. I go through phases where I want to invest. But typically, I think it’s a better idea to just keep it simple. Affordable, gentle if possible, and of course, above all else, you must LOVE the scent! Right now, I’m using Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer. But when I’m done with this bottle, I think I will go a bit indulgent and get Caprina Body Lotion Original Formula (Canus Goat’s Milk). For this one, I normally have to search a bit for it, and can sometimes find it at Whole Food’s, but sometimes not. Also, the texture is a bit thick and can get laborious to rub in (which I hate!), but it smells so natural and divine, so it is usually worth it.

So when you have some time, try out these simple and cheap-as-heck tips, and please let me know if you start getting random compliments from family members and friends about your crazy silky smooth skin.

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