Over the years, whenever I hear the F-A-T word uttered in any context, even if it’s coming across as playfully self-deprecating, it sounds harsher to my ears than the even more well-known offensive four-letter-F-word.

For many of us, the wounds from this word were inflicted sometime between the ages of birth and 18. And if you were never on the receiving end of a derogatory insult containing this word, then perhaps you were inflicting the wound on someone else. Or maybe you were just a witness to someone else’s harsh criticism or humiliation. There is no judgement in this forum and we are all goddesses who have made mistakes, hurt people, and have been hurt by people. Welcome to humanity and the way it works. But regardless of what end of the “FAT” word stick that your soul was dipped in throughout your formative years, I think we can all agree that this word is often used as a tool to inflict pain. Unless we’re talking about food. Then the word becomes kind of magical and full of possibilities. The phrase, “rendering bacon fat” immediately triggers incredibly positive and enjoyable sensations in my body and mind. Drool. Salivation.

I will keep this short and just say that words have energy. Sound has energy. Everything has energy. If you have never heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his project consisting of photographing water crystals, see for yourself.


Images of water crystals exposed to words, by Dr. Masaru Emoto

At this point, if you are reading this, you are most likely mature enough to know that calling someone else “FAT” to their face, or even behind their back, is beyond juvenile. So, this article is more about the way we use the word within our smaller circles, and most especially, within our own minds.

I know this word is really embedded in our culture, and it’s so easy to just throw it out there without even thinking much about it. But I’m suggesting we all just take a breath and think before we say the word. Most importantly, take a breath before we say this word to ourselves, about ourselves. Take a breath before we say it out loud to describe ourselves. Take a breath before we say it out loud to describe someone else, even if they can’t hear us, even if we’re just looking at a picture in a magazine. Our culture has turned this word into a really powerful, really ugly, and really hurtful term (except when it comes to bacon), and I think it’s worth considering removing it from our vocabulary entirely.

As an aside, what exactly is so wrong with having fat on our bodies? It used to be desirable because it was so unattainable. Overweight women and men were mostly royalty, the minority. They ate and drank and ate and drank all day long because they could, and others couldn’t. And so, anyone who couldn’t be like them, wanted to be like them. The rest of the population consisted of starving farmers and paupers, all skin and bones (I’m generalizing here, I’m am no history buff). Now being thin is less attainable in our culture, it’s more difficult to maintain a skinny body weight, and so now IT’S more desirable, apparently. Of course, anything in extremes, including someone’s weight, can be a health hazard. But how is pointing all of this out in a hurtful way, using a hurtful word, going to help any human being improve themselves for the better?

I’m just suggesting to breathe before you say it. Breathe before you think it. It’s about energy and what you are cultivating within yourself. And it’s also about what you are putting out there into the world. This word has got some bad energy and energy really does circle back. So, try as best as you can, you perfectly imperfect goddesses, to put out the good stuff always, and see how you start to get more of the good stuff back.


The Venus of Willendorf, Natural History Museum, Vienna (Austria). This mama used to be regarded as having the ideal body type.

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I am from Reading, PA and I live, work, and create in the Philadelphia area. The Goddess Attainable is for goddeses like me, living each day as perfectly imperfect women in the real world. I hope this site inspires you as much as it inspires me!


  1. I enjoyed reading. Always good to get different perspectives. The responsorial nature of the water crystals is fascinating. Reminds me of a study I read that notes the universe has rhythm. Creation is Alive.

    I have always been fascinated by larger ladies. Not a popular admission, due in no small part to bad public relations in all sides. Long and short, I’ve always been fascinated by Venuses and Goddess figures. Always imagined them as flowing, gorgeous and round. Got older, learned about Willendorf, learned about Lausel, Malta, Catalhuyuk, and on. The fat woman used to be the epitome of beauty. Why not? Anyway. I have my own stuff. Maybe someone clicks the links, maybe they like reading. Maybe not. But I’ll volunteer anyway.

    It’s a man’s perspective, do with it what you will, if anything at all. But here are some links.



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