I was first introduced to Palo Santo by my good friend Erin Swavely. Erin is a gifted medium and offers her services to those in her community and beyond. If you’re interested in and open to this kind of healing, I recommend you reach out to her, she’s the real deal!

Erin and my twin sister, Hillary, have been best friends for years; and over the years, we and a few other dear friends have formed a bit of a spiritual friend group that we often refer to as our tribe. Whenever we get together, we always offer each other lots of support, lots of laughs, and usually find some way to connect with Spirit, the Divine, a Higher Wisdom, or whatever you want to call it. It’s usually very light, very fun, very silly, and always loving. During these times, we get quiet, feel reverence for ourselves and for one another, and share spontaneously in the moment. It also ALWAYS involves very delicious food. It was during one of these gatherings that Erin whipped out the Palo Santo for the first time, and I was instantly bewildered by and in love with this stuff, and have been using it ever since.

One of my favorite yoga instructors, Alison Krywucki, also uses Palo Santo in our class on occasion, and whenever she does, I always notice that it seems to elevate the room in a very noticeable way and leaves me feeling enlivened and peaceful, all at the same time. Alison is a gifted instructor and also makes and sells gorgeous healing crystal jewelry that is totally affordable. Visit her Spirit Stone site and good luck deciding which crystal baby you want for yourself, they are all so magnificent.

Palo Santo is all natural and is essentially a small stick of wood that comes from a tree in South America. It works a bit like incense but it can also be used like a smudge stick. Palo Santo can be used for used for clearing energy, uplifting one’s mood, and promoting feelings of overall peace and well-being, among many other things. It instantly delivers you deep into the woods, opens you up, and refreshes you within an instant. This is it’s magic.


Make sure you have something safe to burn your Palo Santo in. I use a shell plate that my aunt gave me. First, light the end of the stick and wait until the flame catches. This might take a few tries if there is moisture in the air. Once the flame is lit for a few seconds, blow it out and just let it smoke. When the stick is smoking, then you can swirl it around your living space, or just let it burn.

Regardless of all of the above, whether or not you are interested in spirituality, whether or not you take yoga classes, or whether or not you are lucky enough to have a tribe to share things with, none of all that even matters when it comes to Palo Santo. Because basically, this stuff smells fantastic and you don’t need to have some spiritual excuse to use it. It’s for the every-day goddess, the Goddess Attainable, and I recommend you bring it into your life. The scent is deep and woodsy, earthy, clean, fresh, mellow, and fire-like, and you must just smell for yourselves. It’s also CHEAP as all heck!

I personally use Palo Santo when I’m stuck in an emotional funk, or when my apartment feels kind of stuffy. I also use it sometimes on a full moon or a new moon, and I’ve been known to use it on occasion when I’ve done something upsetting like killed a bug in my apartment and just want to feel not terrified.

You can buy Palo Santo at any store where natural health products are sold. You can order it online. Or if you are like me and my tribe, you go to Celtic Myth and Moonlight in our hometown of Reading, PA. This shop is near and dear to our hearts, and if you’re lucky, your town has a little gem of a shop like this as well.

Goddesses, we need ways to get back to ourselves on a daily basis. We need ways to shift our energy when it’s feeling stuck and trapped and yucky. We need ways to feel connected to something higher and more loving. We need ways to feel safe and free in our sacred living spaces. Goddesses, we need Palo Santo in our lives.

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The Goddess Attainable

I am from Reading, PA and I live, work, and create in the Philadelphia area. The Goddess Attainable is for goddeses like me, living each day as perfectly imperfect women in the real world. I hope this site inspires you as much as it inspires me!

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