In one of my earlier posts about Palo Santo, I gave a shout out to my awesome yoga instructor/insanely addictive-ly amazing crystal jewelry-maker, and I’ve been thinking about doing a post on crystals ever since.

I will preface this post by saying that I am SO not an authority on crystals, so in this post I am mostly just going to get into what I think I might sort of know about them, and also share with you some of my own personal experiences with them.

My relationship and fascination with crystals began when I was very young, when my father used to bring my twin sister and I to Gary’s Gems in Sinking Spring, PA. Dad used to take us there to find gifts for our grandmother, or our mother, or to find fun little trinkets for us to play with. My dad is inventive like that and he is also a fantastic gift-giver, so looking back, this was an ingenious place to take two little girls. Also, not everyone knew about this place, so this made it even more fun to visit. It made me feel like we were “tapped in,” more than any of the other tapped-out sleepy heads in town. In the store, I would pour over everything of course, and would never leave without some kind of trinket in my hand. Gary’s Gems is no longer, but it was a fantastic place, and introduced me to crystals before I even really understood much about them.

My mother also had a small green crystal egg that rested on an intricately carved, gold little stand. She kept this, and some other decorative items, on the tank of our toilet. Wow, did that make our trips to the bathroom magical! I don’t think I could even have one experience in our bathroom without picking up the egg, rolling it around in my hands, staring into the depths of its wonder, and fiddling with it as I placed it back on its perfect little stand.


This is an image of an African Green Aventurine Carved Crystal Egg, borrowed from Rikoo. It is not exactly the egg that I remember, but this as close as I could find to the real thing.

Other than those vivid childhood memories, along with some other random occurrences here and there, I have not had much experience with them until recent years.

In my Palo Santo post, I also mentioned my tribe, and these tapped-in folks are really who began to bring crystals into the light for me. Even just last week, my twin sister (and fellow tribe affiliate), introduced me to this beautiful app that I am now obsessed with and telling everyone about. She was having a stressful day and just kind of browsed the contents of this app for a few minutes, and it literally turned her day around. It’s amazing how staring at something beautiful for a few minutes can noticeably alter your mood for the better. The app is called STONE, and it’s just a simple and beautiful showcasing of crystals, with some information about their healing properties and energies. The site is clean and bright and clear and positive. Just look how dazzling…


As I have said, I am really no expert when it comes to crystals, don’t exactly know how to incorporate them into my life in terms of healing, and don’t exactly even know how to take care of them. Some say to wash them, some say to charge them in the light of the moon, or charge them in the light of the sun, or bury them underground, or charge them with sound, or clear them. It’s all a bit too complicated for me to remember. So, what I do in situations like this, is defer to my intuition and what works best for me. And for me, I am a color mama. I relate to color, I connect with color, I understand color, and color makes sense to me. And when it comes to colors and healing, I can’t help but think of chakras.

I could do a whole post on chakras and my experience with and knowledge of them, which is still minimal compared to practitioners, but substantial enough for an everyday layperson like myself. But for now, I will just offer some basic information.

Chakras are invisible energy centers located at certain points on the body, acting as energetic bridges between the body and soul. Think of them as portals or windows where your soul and your body have the best chance of aligning and communicating with each other. Yoga, meditation, and chakra work, all incorporate this idea of uniting the body with the soul, among other things. And each chakra correlates to a color (based on the energetic properties of each chakra), as well as the kind of energetic personality that it represents.

That is the short explanation for chakras. And when it comes to crystals, I use the color of the crystal to connect with the particular chakra I want to focus on.

Here is a simple breakdown, in Libby terms:

1st Chakra = Root Chakra = located at the base of the spine = RED = security/safety/basic needs/survival/grounded-ness

2nd Chakra = Sacral Chakra = located below the naval/sex organs = ORANGE = emotions/sexuality/pure desire

3rd Chakra = Solar Plexus = located at your diaphragm/gut area = YELLOW = power/ego/direction/assertiveness/confidence

4th Chakra = Heart Chakra = located in the center of your chest = GREEN = love/joy/compassion/altruism/bridge between upper and lower chakras

5th Chakra = Throat Chakra = located at your throat/neck area = BLUE = communication/expression/creativity

6th Chakra = Third Eye Chakra = located in the middle of and slightly above your eye brows = INDIGO = intuition/clairvoyance/dreams/knowledge

7th Chakra = Crown Chakra = located at the top center of your head/the crown of your head = WHITE = spirituality/god/soul connection/higher wisdom/divinity

So, whenever I am doing any kind of healing work with chakras, I use the crystal that matches the color of the chakra I’m focusing on. For instance, several years ago, I was really struggling with some Root Chakra stuff—chakras are also always communicating with you through your body; so for instance, chest pain/breast cancer/heart issues can be traced back to emotional heartache of some sort; no wonder heart disease and breast cancer are the most powerful killers in this country; lots of unhealed heartache happening—and I just did some basic meditation involving my Root Chakra, keeping my red agate crystal close to me as I meditated, and that is all. I don’t know if I can explain how or why, but my life changed after I did that healing work (it only took about two weeks). Patterns and habits that I had been struggling with for 10 years finally lifted and dissolved without any kind of force or pushing. I was simply healed.

There is obviously more to discuss on this topic, so I will absolutely do a post on chakras and healing. Keep a look out for it! In the meantime, I suggest you goddesses start playing with some crystals if you haven’t already. They are gentle little beings and you can’t mess up. You can’t do it wrong. All you need to do is enjoy. And truly, use your intuition. It’s a good practice to connect with your gut feelings when using crystals. They kind of speak to you if you listen closely, and they really work with you on an individual level. Sometimes, when I’m feeling icky in the morning, I go and stand by my spread of crystals, and ask which one I should keep in my pocket for the day. And one of them always makes itself known to me. It’s a relationship that you cultivate like any other. And it’s beautiful!


My crystal collection. If you are in Pennsylvania, be sure to take a trip to Bey’s Rock Shop in Bucks County, PA. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s worth the trek. Bottom from left to right: rose quartz, amethyst, not sure of the shiny blue one?, lapis lazuli, aventurine, citrine, tiger eye, can’t remember what the orange one is, red agate. Top from left to right: hematite, black tourmaline, howlite, bismuth, and two clear quartz.


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