I was born with the ability to astutely feel and recognize most physical sensations in my body, as they are happening. Perhaps I have just always paid closer attention to my bodily tremors compared to most others. Or maybe I’m not special in this respect, and I’m just a borderline hypochondriac (isn’t everyone?). But as I get older, I realize that many people either don’t feel certain sensations in their body (for instance, when something is awry, their body does not loudly alert them), or they feel the physical sensations very clearly but have forgotten to honor them, or they just choose not to.


Lying Half-Naked Woman, 1911, by Egon Schiele

I’m a huge advocate for listening to your body. I know it sounds like such an overused, trendy yoga, washed-out spiritual idea, but ignore all of that and just listen. If you don’t already, consider viewing your body (I don’t mean looking at yourself in the mirror, this is not a superficial thing, and it goes much deeper than reflective glass) as a communication tool. I believe that this entire mass of matter is actually an incredible instrument that not only houses and protects your precious soul and consciousness, but it also talks to you and delivers messages to you from higher sources (I have no idea what or which higher sources, and it’s really not necessary to specify, but just think of the source as some kind of higher wisdom that you cannot see—God, Mother Nature, Deceased Loved Ones, Angels, Higher Consciousness, Your Wise Soul, Your Wisest Self, etc.).

I’m certain that if you look back on your life, you can recall a time when your body was communicating to you, through pain or discomfort, and it was perhaps subtle at first, but then grew and grew and eventually turned into something more serious. Finally, after suffering long enough, you chose to take some kind of healthy action. We as humans always do this. Other things are more important, and the uncomfortable knot in your stomach or the pain in your joint will just have to wait. Or perhaps you are afraid of doctors and hospitals (understandable!) and you feel your body communicating to you, but you just try to ignore it and hope that it goes away.

A simple cold or flu can occur as a result of you not taking enough time to rest. It might be flu season and you chalk your illness up to your annual attack of miserable winter germoids. But many people never get sick in the winter, or ever. These people have learned to slow it down when they are pushing too hard. They have learned to listen to their bodies and act accordingly, nurturing it with the care it well deserves. Overextending yourself is the easiest and most certain way to make yourself sick. So, in this case, the warning sign was not the flu. The warning sign, the way your body was communicating to you, was more like the feeling of overwhelming fatigue that you most likely experienced during the days or even weeks leading up to your sickly meltdown. Maybe your body was kind of achy for a few days, or you just knew you weren’t getting enough sleep, but you just kept going, going, going anyway. All of these subtle signs are your body’s (AND soul’s) ways of telling you to slow down. The actual illness is the result of you ignoring the warning signs.

In general, here is a good rule to follow:

If your body feels “good” (relaxed, pain-free, energized, emotional goosebumps/chills having nothing to do with temperature, etc.) = You are in good shape and you are on the right track. You are healthy and all is well.

If your body feels “bad” (pain of ANY kind, slight discomfort, tension, fatigue, overwhelming feelings, or any negative sensations that just don’t feel very good) = Your body and soul are trying to get your attention. It’s nothing to fear. It’s just something to listen to and take care of.

Your body uses pain and/or discomfort to alert you of an issue, and it is very often an indication of something that is not even wrong with your body, but something amiss with your emotions. We have learned as humans (at least those of us living in the United States), that if something in our body is hurting, then we must fix that part of the body. Seems logical, right? But applying logic to a divine communication tool (your wise and beautiful body) is like trying to play a violin with a shovel. Shovels can be really useful in many situations, but not when you’re trying to create beautiful music with a delicate instrument.


Still Life with Violin, Bow and Sheet Music, 1903, by Nicholas Alden Brooks (American, 1840–1904), oil on canvas, private collection

I can go SOOOO much deeper into this than I’m going now, and I plan to cover much more on this topic, as it is something that I believe is KEY to living like a goddess. But for now, I’ll just leave you with a few questions to ponder. Consider journaling your answers and see what you uncover.

  • Has feeling “bad” become so normal to you that you have forgotten what it is like to feel “good”?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable taking quiet time and sitting still, doing nothing? If so, WHY? What are you afraid of? (Note: It is safe to be quiet with yourself, those monsters in your mind won’t come to eat you alive, I promise!)
  • Do you get sick or have some kind of an ailment more than once a year?
  • Do you have chronic pain in ANY area of your body?

You may find some additional helpful information in some of my earlier posts about CRYSTALS/CHAKRAS and INNARDS. Please have a look if you’re interested, and take care of your bodies goddesses!

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