I have been getting lots of feedback from the Universe lately, that I need to be a bit more positive about my future. [Feedback from the Universe, for me, often comes in the form of repeated messages from loved ones and/or acquaintances, as well as repeated thoughts in my mind, that, at any time, I can choose to acknowledge or ignore]. I have slipped into a bit of a cynical, attitudinal rut of late, and for this New Moon, I felt somewhat inspired to take advantage of this lunar portal for transformation.

Twice a month, we as human beings have the opportunity to emotionally and spiritually capitalize on the shifting moon phase activity. In general, New Moons are a perfect time to “plant seeds” of intentions; while Full Moons are ideal for the release of emotions, attitudes, and patterns that are no longer serving us. Full moons also often coincide with and/or perpetuate culminations—circumstances that have been brewing since the previous New Moon, or even before that, tend to come to a head around the time of a Full Moon.

This particular New Moon just happened to fall on the exact day of my birthday—September 19th—and, was also in my zodiacal sign of Virgo, which is kind of a special coincidence, cosmically speaking. So, I thought it was the perfect time to set some new intentions about my attitude looking forward, by performing a New Moon Ritual.


If you are interested in getting more in touch with moon cycles (my tribe and I live and breathe with the phases of the moon—or at least, we try), consider downloading a moon phase app for your phone. The image above is taken from #fullmoonapp. This app notifies me whenever the moon phase shifts, and tells me when the next full and new moons will take place.

There is something so enchanting about dirt. As I have mentioned in a previous post, GET YOURSELF A POTHOS PLANT, I do not have a green thumb and really know very little about gardening. However, I am, and have always been, somewhat spellbound by the site of fresh, deep, rich, aromatic, dark, mysterious, earthy, luscious dirt. In another previous post, CHANGE OF SEASONS, I mention how much I prefer the dark in so many areas of my life, so my fascination with dirt is no surprise to me. I could stare into this darkness forever and never feel afraid. In fact, as I stare into this two-dimensional, flattened, faux dirt photograph, I achingly long to be in the presence of the real thing, here and now, to inhale the ancient aroma, and bury my hands underneath its gritty dampness.


This dark expanse of fresh ground is like the material equivalent of a new moon. The atmosphere is ripe and ready for planting, and it is the best time for us to make wishes, open to new possibilities, and imagine and dream of better things to come. It is actually quite fun!

There is no correct way to do this, so do whatever feels good for you. Your moon ritual could literally consist of you walking outside under the moon and thinking about stuff. You could make a big deal about it, or you could spend five minutes writing in your journal and move on with your evening. You could do something different every month, or you could have a standard practice that you perform on a regular basis. Whatever feels right for you is the way to go. It definitely takes a bit of shifting yourself however, in order to get quiet and tap into what actually feels right to you. Sometimes it can be difficult to really know how you feel if you have been go, go, going all day with your mind and body abuzz. You have to take a moment to not “think” about it, and just “feel” about it. Whatever comes up, do not question it or over analyze, even if it does not exactly make sense. Just trust. You can use candles, incense, PALO SANTO, crystals, other meaningful objects, or just your body. You can speak out loud, you can write something down, you can sing a song, or dance, or just stare at the wall. Have fun with this and learn to get in touch with your style of moon ritual performance.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself, if you are having trouble getting started:

  • If I could ask for anything in the world, and ACTUALLY get it, what would it be?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What do I enjoy in my life that I want more of?
  • What makes me feel alive and excited?
  • When is the last time I laughed and had SO much fun?
  • Who do I love to spend time with and why?

I am intentionally keeping the details of the ritual that I performed a mystery. It was for me, and your ritual will be for you. So, enjoy playing and experimenting, manifesting and releasing. This is what goddesses DO, so just do it and see what happens!


Image borrowed from Sun Mountain Spring

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