I always feel weird when I see the color yellow. I don’t hate the color, but it just seems a bit much for me, a little too intense. Sometimes, I will see someone wearing yellow and think to myself, “Oh wow, that’s a great color on her, but I don’t think I could pull that off, and don’t even really want to try.” I’m not drawn to the color in any way. I also have a history of being perpetually cold. Anyone who knows me or spends time with me regularly knows that I am always cold. Like even when it’s 71 degrees outside, When Harry Met Sally style. I also really dislike confrontation. As for my tummy, it is always upset after I eat, no matter what. I don’t feel nauseous or have any pain, but my tummy just feels distressed and not at peace. To add, I have a history of having to leave certain crowded situations (bustling restaurants, concerts, stand-up comedy shows) due to my doubled-over-in-pain stomach cramping. Further, I have always hated spicy foods. And not even just heavily spicy foods, but moderately spicy foods, like cinnamon (cinnamon packs a lot of heat actually). I could probably go on, but I’ll stop here and tell you that all of these things splayed out separately don’t make a whole lot of sense. But if you string them all together and think in terms of chakras, they are all indications of an imbalance within the solar plexus chakra.


This image is CRAY!

If you are new to chakras, I will give you the most BASIC information here, but as I am no expert, and do not claim to be, I encourage you to do your own research. A simple google search about “solar plexus chakras” or “third chakras” will yield a plethora of results. This book, Wheels of Life, is also a good one to start with.


The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra in the chakra system of the body and is located in the gut area, several inches above the naval. Chakras are invisible energy centers that act as portals between the physical and spiritual worlds. Chakras bridge the gap between above and below—metaphysically speaking—and each chakra embodies specific characteristics. Chakras also work together and build upon one another in the healing process. For instance, if your second chakra is out of whack (imbalanced), this might affect your third and sixth chakras. Our bodies know how to balance themselves, so if we have an imbalance in one chakra, our body will overcompensate in another chakral area, to keep the body balanced overall. Any overactive or underactive chakra imbalances always lead to emotional and/or physical maladies. One could even say that when all of our chakras are aligned and balanced, we experience absolute happiness, health, peace, love, and bliss. However, please know that it is impossible to keep our chakras perfectly balanced at all times (and we are not required to), but oftentimes, some of our deep-seated issues come from something as simple as a chakra imbalance, and some concentrated focus and loving attention to these energetic centers can be literally life-altering and deeply transformative. Work with chakras has brought me profound healing and marked movement forward in my own life, and the actual chakra “work” is very quite simple. Almost freaky simple.


This diagram is kind of fun and very informative! Image obtained here


Color: Yellow

Some crystals that correspond to this chakra: Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Pyrite, and/or any stone with yellow or gold physical properties

Essence: Personal power, confidence, control, ego, assertiveness, manifestation, ambition, zest for life

Affirmations: I am confident, I am worthy, I manifest easily, I let go of control, I know who I am, I am deserving

Yoga poses to balance solar plexus chakra: Warrior Pose, Boat Pose, anything that stimulates your core, any twist poses

Foods: Anything yellow, anything spicy, carbs


I have been craving tons of garlic pasta and Cheerios with bananas lately, so my body is definitely on the solar plexus chakra healing train. Image obtained from here


The symptoms I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have carried with me for most of my life. They have in many ways defined me, and I have just accepted over the years that I abhor cinnamon, am always psychotically cold, and can’t go to concerts without having a quick escape route in place. As of late however, things have been slowly changing. Sometimes, our souls just know what we need, and all we need to do is follow that whispering call.

My solar plexus chakra healing process started very unassumingly several years ago. As I have mentioned, I have always hated cinnamon. Always. And cinnamon seems to not like me very much as well. I took an essential oil workshop several years ago, and startled the entire class when we all rubbed a few drops of cinnamon bark on our skin, and I broke out in the most painful and irritated heat rash, from just a few drops. My body was completely rejecting cinnamon and literally could not handle the heat.

Then one day, I randomly purchased my now coveted Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea. I don’t know what possessed me to buy this, since there were at least 50 different varieties of Tulsi Tea at my local Wegman’s, but I was drawn to it for some reason. I now swear by this tea and have a cup every night after dinner, to aid in digestion and to keep my immune system functioning on high. I won’t lie, the taste is still not my favorite. But interesting that I initially gravitated towards it, and continue with this practice. Perhaps my soul realized that this area needed some deep healing and decided to start me off with something simple, like giving me an instinct to try a new kind of tea. From my experience, the soul communicates through gentle shifts, rather than obnoxious quakes. The quakes come only after we’ve consistently ignored the initial soft murmurs from the soul.


My solar plexus healing progressed a bit more when my dearest friend recently pulled a few oracle cards for me, and the Solar Plexus Chakra card came up. We were both a bit bewildered since he has given me many readings in the past and knows me quite well. And this was the first time this card or idea had ever emerged for me. I suppose I was ready to explore this area of healing, because ever since then, I have been devoting a concerted amount of attention to this aspect of my life (confidence, power, manifestation, self-worth, etc.), and as a result, have been experiencing all kinds of shifts, changes, and healings.


From The Psychic Tarot For the Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland

I have always known that I have a fair amount of healthy confidence and high self-esteem when it comes to certain areas of my life. But catch me off-guard at certain times of vulnerability, and my confidence goes out the window and my self-assured façade melts like Gumby in the sun. Over recent months, I have been attempting to assert myself more in my life and have made great strides. When in the past, I might just allow poor treatment, or simply keep to myself certain thoughts or opinions so as not to upset anyone; I have now made a point to speak up and express myself clearly, regardless of my fear of the reaction of others. And in those moments of balanced assertion (okay, I wasn’t always balanced and many times was trembling as I spoke), my solar plexus chakra was definitely activated.

[Not to get too into the politics of women, but I wonder if there is some kind of correlation between the stereotypes of women being perpetually cold, and women often struggling to assert their power in their own lives, jobs, relationships, etc. I believe we as a collected gender, suffer from major solar plexus wounded energy. And this can come in the form of chronic overactive and/or underactive solar-plexus chakras. Just because a woman is comfortable being assertive, does not automatically mean she has a balanced solar-plexus chakra and/or truly feels confident and powerful as a woman—although she may be coming from a place of healthy power and confidence. However, her assertiveness may also come from a place of fear, control, and/or ego.]


When this Solar Plexus Chakra card was pulled, although it caught me off guard, I also completely understood and agreed that I have needed to take a look at this aspect of myself, and at this point, felt ready to take some action (taking action in itself is a very solar plexus chakra-y thing to do). The next day, I made a resolution to practice Warrior II pose every day for just a few minutes, in order to upheave, stimulate, and begin balancing this chakra. I absolutely hate this pose and find it very uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. Not surprising at all since this area of my body is in deep need of healing. I don’t believe discomfort is anything to run from, but instead is a signal that something is amiss and needs tending to.

solar plexus_warrior-pose-1200x380

Image obtained here

After I started this practice, within about a week, I noticed several phenomena.

[Note: These examples do not in any obvious way, prove any deep solar plexus healing of issues like self-esteem and control, but rather, are a positive validation that energy is moving within the body and within the system, that things are shifting, and that space is opening for newer and higher energy to come in. With this newer energy, the deeper aspects of solar plexus healing often, if not always, follow.]

For one thing, I started craving spicier, heat-heavy foods. Lately, in addition to my garlic pasta/Cheerios and bananas cravings, I have been frequenting an Indian take-out place and I just can’t get enough of this stuff. My mouth still burns a bit, but I just plow through and wash it down with a cold beverage. It’s so good and my body seems to be reacting with a kind of, “Finally, you’re giving me what I want!” response. Never in a million years would I think of myself as someone who craves hot and spicy food. As mentioned in the note above, this example can seem meaningless and unrelated. But if thought of in terms of energy, it makes sense. If one struggles with self-worth, one can feel literally frozen in moments when action is called for. A warming of the body, when thought of in terms of chakras and spirituality, can represent a breakdown of that frozen energy, making space for sudden bursts of confidence, power, and healthy assertive action. When a chakra becomes newly balanced and/or activated, change in behavior can actually come in bursts, so be prepared for happy, albeit somewhat unsettling surprises!

Another undeniably noticeable shift occurred when my twin sister and I recently embarked upon a road trip together. It is good that we have a very healthy and thoughtful relationship, because communication is required when it comes to temperature in the car. I have always been cold, so I always want the heat on, want the windows up, and usually keep my coat on, even for a multi-hour car ride. My sister on the other hand, prefers the cool air, and too much stuffy heat can actually make her a bit light-headed. Normally, we tend to just flip flop back and forth, respecting the needs of one another. On this most recent trip, before she arrived, I had practiced a bit of my Warrior II pose, as I had been doing each morning for about one week. As we got into the car, without thinking, I took my coat off and threw it in the back seat, got inside, and cracked open the window (it’s wintertime here). We drove for almost the entirety of our two-hour journey this way, and I could not get over the fact that I was not cold in the slightest. It still amazes me.

This is the way healing works. Through subtle shifts. Notice them. Notice when something changes. Connect the dots and be aware of yourself. Change and healing do not come through flashes of lightning (although they can), but rather like this. Unassuming moves and gentle twists and turns.


Another way to balance your solar plexus chakra is to imagine something yellow (like this flower) in the area of your gut/tummy/diaphragm/solar plexus, and meditate on this visualization

In the past, when I have healed other chakral areas of my body, the techniques that I have found to be most effective are yoga poses and affirmations.

In general, there is something to be understood about any type of healing work, including chakra healing. The most difficult part of healing, is the not knowing what the problem is, the not knowing what needs help, and/or feeling stuck in the problem and victimized by it. Once we are able to finally pinpoint something that might need tending to, any amount of attention we can give to this area can bring about change for the better—this doesn’t even need to be a body part or chakra, but applies to an area of a relationship, an area of our past, or some other painful pattern or behavior we seem caught in. It’s the ATTENTION that we give that is key to healing. Everything else leading up to this, any pain, struggles, confusion, or setbacks, is really just the path we take to get to this point of readiness. Once we reach this crossroads, very little effort is required from this point forward.

Doing a yoga pose every morning and repeating some meaningful affirmations to myself whenever I am feeling a bit insecure, honestly requires very little of my time and effort. This is not strenuous or bothersome, but instead, rather like tending to a baby who needs some attention. Healing is about shining a light on something that has been in the dark, that we have been neglecting. Love and light go hand in hand and shining a light on our issues is like drenching them with some much-needed love. All we have to do is hold the beam in place as we watch the healing occur like magic.

In addition to yoga, as well as a quick morning breath of fire practice, I have found affirmations to be quite helpful in balancing my chakras. The way I choose an affirmation (you can google solar plexus/third chakra affirmations and find tons to choose from) varies, but in general, I believe it has to be a statement that I feel is within my reach, that I haven’t quite grasped yet. I do not always connect with every affirmation. Some statements just seem preposterously impossible to me. Some seem easy and obvious. Yet some touch something within me and I feel a bit of a spark when I hear them. That feeling of, “Oh I want that, but wow, I struggle with that. But wouldn’t it be nice if that finally felt true for me?” I go for those. I repeat those to myself, out loud, during meditation, and/or any time I am feeling challenged. I know an affirmation is working when one day, after saying one to myself repeatedly, and on a regular basis, for a period of time, I realize that it now feels much more believable, much more possible, and much more real to me than it ever has before.

Below are several affirmations that I am currently working with, that have hit the sweet spot for me in my life and in my current solar plexus healing journey.

I am free from the need to be control of everything in my life.

I manifest with ease and grace.

I deserve a wonderful life.

For more information about chakras and healing in general, please visit the SPIRITUALITY section of my blog.

solar plexus.pyrite

My beautiful pyrite crystal, in triplicate

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