[DISCLAIMER:  In this post, I include a somewhat ghastly photograph of my wounded toe, as this injury is an essential component in my story. I apologize in advance if this is off-putting to anyone. To minimize the horror (it is actually not that bad, but I know some people get upset at the sight of feet), I shrunk the size of the image, blurred the details, and overlaid some fairy angel cartoons. I hope this helps, and please proceed with caution if you are sensitive to this kind of thing.]

My previous posts from this series, REIKI, PART I: THE BEGINNING and REIKI, PART II: ROOT CHAKRA HEALING, detail my Reiki journey from January 2016 through July 2017. I begin this post by skipping over the winter of 2017 when my mother passed, as I have already shared very much about this in DEATH AND SANCTUARY, ART AND HEALING, and MOTHER’S DAY SANS MOTHER, if you would like to catch up. I am not exactly certain if this loss plays an integral part in my Reiki journey, but I do think it is worth touching upon. Death is one of the most spiritual experiences in life, and in the months after my mother’s passing, I felt compelled to deepen my Reiki path and resolved to seek Reiki training for myself. Perhaps her death inspired this decision, and perhaps not, but I do think it is significant to note. Once I made this decision, I experienced several serendipitous events that led me to my Reiki teacher, and doors opened in effortless ways to make this training possible for me. By June 9th of 2018, on the beautiful morning of my first day of class, I felt ready for Reiki to change my life, yet again.

[Note: I have chosen not to share any particulars about my sacred Reiki training, but will instead share equally important, incidental details about the healing taking place within me during this time.]


@thegoddessattainable Instagram image and caption: Prep for Day One of Reiki I and II training and certification with Camille @celestialha. I’m feeling excited, nervous, indifferent, and peaceful all at the same time! Magical crystal graphic covered journal by @nikkistrangedesign Comforting, indulgent, non-nutritious lunch like my mom used to pack for me Comfortable clothing that keeps it real and represents


My Reiki training is decidedly marked by something that I would like to call a “divine coincidence,” used to describe a connection between two situations that may have a higher and/or more spiritual or cosmic nature, or may actually just be coincidental. I believe that the parallel I am about to point out is not entirely one or the other, but just a bit of both. Perhaps more on the side of divine, but you can decide for yourself.

On Friday, June 1st, I received a terribly painful pedicure, and by that Tuesday, June 5th, I was awakened in the middle of the night by such incredible pain that I took myself to the emergency room. The doctor put me on antibiotics and told me to make an appointment with a foot doctor. I met with a podiatrist (aka The Butcher) the next day, and thus began my weeks-long toe debacle. Without getting into too many upsetting details, I essentially had several very negative experiences with The Butcher in terms of his behavior, his methods, his nursing staff, his ineptitude, his condescension, and his insensitive dismissal of the truly excruciating pain I endured during the period in which I allowed him to treat me. Fortunately, I eventually found The Miracle Worker, a newer, better, brighter, nicer, gentler, smarter podiatrist, who healed me and eliminated 95% of my pain within in a matter of about 60 remarkable seconds. However, my Reiki training took place on June 9th and 10th, while I was in the midst of my toe struggles, and I recall hobbling to and from class on both of these days. You will understand why this is significantly, divinely coincidental in a moment.


Two days after I received my Reiki training, I visited The Butcher for the second time, which resulted in this. The little red marks at the base of my toe are from where The Butcher inserted needles to numb me. The black crap is the silver nitrate that he thought would help, but instead kept all of the fluid trapped under a tent of unendurable pain. When I called the office about the excruciating pain I was experiencing, his nurse (he chose not to talk to me directly) told me that this “was normal” and did not offer any tips or advice about pain management, but instead remained impatiently silent. I had to take four days off of work and could barely walk.

[Inhale. Exhale. We are now through the worst part of the ordeal. I hope it wasn’t too terrible and thanks for hanging in there with me. We are now approaching the divine coincidence.]

Below is a quote that details some of the history of the discovery of Reiki healing.

…at midnight of the twenty-first day, a powerful light suddenly entered his mind through the top of his head and he felt as if he had been struck by lightning; this caused him to fall unconscious.

As the sun rose, he awoke and realized that whereas before he had felt very weak and near death from his fasting, he was now filled with an extremely enjoyable state of vitality that he had never experienced before; a miraculous type of high frequency spiritual energy had displaced his normal consciousness and replaced it with an amazingly new level of awareness. He experienced himself as being the energy and consciousness of the Universe and that the special state of enlightenment he had sought had been given to him as a gift. He was overjoyed by this realization.


Mikao Usui, (Usui Sensei), founder of the Reiki System of Healing

When this happened, he was filled with excitement and went running down the mountain to tell his Zen master of his great good fortune. On his way down he stubbed his toe ( ← D.C. ALERT) on a rock and fell down. And in the same way anyone would do, he placed his hands over the toe, which was in pain. As he did this, healing energy began flowing from his hands all by itself. The pain in his toe went away and the toe was healed. Usui Sensei was amazed by this. He realized that in addition to the illuminating experience he had undergone, he had also received the gift of healing. He also understood that this was his life purpose; to be a healer and to train others.


I am not relaying the above toe tales in order to in any way compare myself to the founder of Reiki. Instead, I take this divine coincidence involving mutually injured toes in the midst of receiving healing Reiki energy, to be more of a validation that I chose the correct path for myself in terms of seeking Reiki training, and also as a reminder that the spirit world often operates with humor.


Image borrowed from here. It is also fascinating to note that although my toe problem was connected to my Root Chakra Healing (root chakra body parts include: base of spine, reproductive organs, blood, bones, hamstrings, calves, and feet; and root chakra emotions include: fear, control, safety, security, etc.), specific parts of the human foot can also be divided into corresponding chakras, and the toe is specifically connected to the crown chakra (top of the head). “Coincidentally,” Reiki energy is received through the crown chakra.


As I mentioned briefly in PART II, fear in relationships and fear in the medical world can be useful at times, as long as our fears do not carry us away from ourselves and prevent us from making healthy choices. In the case of my toe, I recall feeling fear on the way to see The Butcher before my very first visit. I had an empathic instinct and felt that for some reason, in some way, I would not be properly cared for. I remember that I dismissed these feelings and hoped for the best, because of course, there was no concrete evidence to point to any facts that may have proven otherwise. Only when I realized that I was being truly mistreated by this person and by this practice, did I turn things around for myself and seek safer and more trustworthy treatment from another doctor. This emotional experience—in addition to the physical struggle—took me through a very deep and powerful Root Chakra Healing. In some cases, our fear is our block and that block must be healed in order to grow. In other cases, such as this, our fear is valid, and the healing takes place once we remove ourselves from unsafe situations to find the care, comfort, and love that we need and deserve.


Enjoying a baseball game (twin sissie on the left, me on the right) on the evening before my first visit with The Miracle Worker. Once I made the decision to take care of myself and seek superior treatment, I knew I would be fine. Unlike my car ride to visit The Butcher, I had no fearful feelings on my way to see The Miracle Worker.


During this dark time of pain, fear, and mistreatment, The Butcher also put me on a stronger antibiotic than I had initially received in the emergency room. However, The Miracle Worker told me because I had an abscess, no amount of antibiotics could have remedied the problem. Therefore, I was essentially on this powerful, 10-days long, sacral-chakra-disturbing medication for no reason.

There was in fact a rather at-first-unrecognizable, divine reason for this mis-prescribed, medical detour, which had nothing to do with doctors, medicine, mishaps, or toes; and everything to do with my healing journey, as you will read about in PART IV: SACRAL CHAKRA HEALING.

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