My previous post concludes with the mention of some unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics which led to an unfortunate disturbance within my sacral chakra. Please enjoy all of my previous posts from this series before proceeding, or feel free to dive in head first, without map or compass: REIKI, PART I: THE BEGINNING, REIKI, PART II: ROOT CHAKRA HEALING, and REIKI, PART III: FINAL ROOT HEALING.

[This is a rather long post, but it did not seem appropriate to break this one up into more parts, so I am encapsulating all of my sacral chakra healing into this one shebang. I hope you enjoy!]



Image borrowed from here

The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the chakral (I am pretty sure that adding an “L” at the end of the word “chakra” is incorrect, and that there is no such word as “chakral,” but as you may know, I am a fan of making up words) system and resides in the pelvic area just below the naval. This chakra represents emotions and sexuality, pleasure and sensuality, and relationships and pure creative energy. Have you ever had a spontaneous urge to express something creative from deep within yourself, that seemed to come from some inner, raw feeling place? That is the stuff of the sacral chakra. To put things into perspective, your SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (third chakra), initiates the action to bring that creative expression to life in the real world. Perhaps you were sitting down when the inspired, second chakral thought came to you. Your third chakra would literally get you out of your chair. However, that first inkling of fresh, creative fire originates in the sacral chakra. When you treat yourself to a sensuous bubble bath or an indulgent massage, you are also igniting your sacral chakra. This chakra is rather ancient in feel, is purely primal, and essentially exists in a state of pre-refinement.

The body parts associated with the sacral chakra are pretty straightforward and include all organs and systems in and around the pelvic area: sexual organs, bladder and kidneys, hips and parts of the lower back, etc. If you are ever experiencing any kind of dysfunction within this area of your body, as you take steps to heal this part of yourself through standard medicine, be sure to also examine the emotional and creative parts of yourself that may need tending to. Are you blocked artistically? Have you been having trouble expressing your emotions or enjoying physical pleasure? Have you been addictive and/or obsessive about something? Delicate emotional obstructions such as these are just some of the ways in which this powerful chakra becomes unbalanced. [I have also found that a person’s relationship with his or her chakra system is reciprocal. So for instance, toxic emotions can throw a chakra off balance, but an unbalanced chakra can also perpetuate existing problems. So in order to establish balance, one must examine both sides of the energetic equation.]


Image borrowed from one of my favorite Instagram feeds @sacraluna

From my experience with chakra work, more often than not, once I have identified the chakra in need of nurturing and balance, merely giving my attention to this energetic area begins the healing process. In the case of the sacral chakra, this energy body is associated with the color orange. You can take simple steps to lovingly acknowledge the imbalance within this chakra, such as: wearing the color orange; meditating with, holding, and/or carrying orange-colored crystals in your pocket; and meditating as you imagine a bright orange orb glowing within the center of your sacral chakra. You can also engage in activities that stimulate your senses through taste, touch, smell, sound, and/or sight, such as: eating delicious food, burning fragrant candles, listening to beautiful music, and enjoying artwork or nature. If you choose to take yourself on a tour of sensory stimulation, be sure to partake in these activities with deliberate focus. Slowly delight in every aspect of each activity. The objective is to feel goosebumps on your skin from so much pleasure, and not to thrust pounds of chocolate down your throat in a state of frenzied asphyxiation.


Do not ever feel bad if you do this or have done this. I have literally been doing this with chocolate chips every night this week. Image obtained from here

As you are spending your days focusing on sending love to and acknowledging your sacral chakra, you can also use affirmations associated with this chakra, and repeat them to yourself in the morning, during the day, and before you go to sleep. Below is a sampling of sacral chakra affirmations, or you can make something up to suit your fancy:

  • I love, accept, and enjoy my body
  • I allow myself to experience pleasure
  • I have healthy boundaries
  • I feel and express my emotions freely
  • I am a creative being

These techniques sound almost too simple, but are very effective and can restore balance within your sacral chakra in a matter of minutes, depending on the severity of the imbalance. However, I have found that achieving full balance within any chakra tends to take, at the very least, a few weeks of loving focus and attention, and most often involves some action steps as well. For instance, if you have found yourself emotionally struggling within relationships, you may need to set some healthy boundaries for yourself. That is sacral chakra healing work in technicolor! If you are struggling with food addiction or any other kind of substance addiction, you may need to seek treatment or put a plan in place for yourself.

In general, if you are pain-free in this area of your body, you can be pretty sure that your sacral chakra is fairly balanced. You may have relationship issues or creative blocks from time to time, but that is just part of being human. However, if you are in physical pain or experiencing some kind of dysfunction in this anatomical area, this may be an indication of fears and blocks with regards to emotions, sexuality, and/or creativity. Although this can be uncomfortable and even frightening, please know that the pain is actually a loving invitation to heal. So, whether it takes days, weeks, months, or even years to restore this energetic area, your body will tell you when you have done the work, because when all is well, you will feel fine below the waistline.



The Lovers card from The Aquarian Tarot deck

If you are active in the dating world, you can bet that your sacral chakra—emotions, sexuality, boundaries, and relationships—is active and churning. And when you are activating any chakra, you are bound to come up against blocks. Forward movement in the face of fear can be difficult, but fears and blocks must be confronted in order to progress through them and to heal these aspects of ourselves. Otherwise, we stay stuck and instead begin to construct our lives around our fears, motivated by our blocks, rather than by freedom and openness.

I do not normally date fellows I find attractive, but it’s this new thing I’m kinda trying, and it ain’t half bad. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that my toe debacle—detailed in REIKI, PART III: FINAL ROOT HEALING—which ultimately led to my sacral chakra healing, began within days of receiving a significant rejection from a man I was very attracted to. I received my pivotal, life-altering pedicure (again, refer to PART III) on Friday, June 1st, and was subsequently rejected that following Tuesday, June 4th. And as my body proceeded to go through an immense amount of physical, emotional, and energetic changes throughout the month of June (again, PART III), this period of time concluded with a sacral chakra disruption that directly correlates to all of the emotions stirred up in the beginning of June, with regards to dating, attraction, emotions, and sexuality. It seems I was drawn through some kind of healing ring of fire for the explicit purpose of returning full circle, full-tilt, with a fresh renewal of awakened sacral chakra clarity.


Image borrowed from here

Whenever I am around a man I am attracted to, I feel fairly out of control, overcome with emotions and passion, and often struggle to maintain my confidence in the midst of my insecurities. I always thought this was a terrible thing, and thus always avoided dating men who set my sacral chakra aflame. The thought of being rejected by a man who I expressed my passions to felt utterly horrifying to me. For years, I avoided this scenario and only dated men who barely stoked my pelvic embers. However, since I have been walking this dating path in recent years, attempting to face my fears and uncover my blocks, I have been gradually allowing myself to move closer to the fire. And like anyone taking a stab at love, I get burned from time to time. The healing for me takes place in the realization that this is okay. Everyone gets burned, but that is no reason to give up. And just because my amorous gestures are rebuffed on occasion, does not indicate any flawed affections on my part. I have not been led astray by the yearnings of my sacral chakra. In fact, just the opposite. And once I chose to follow those yearnings, my sacral chakra required some urgent healing in order to proceed.

Naturally, once I decided to switch things up emotionally and date a man I actually liked, after my sacral chakra had gotten nice and comfortable with emotional boredom, this delicate energetic field went a bit berserk. Aside from the fact that I was prescribed hyper-intense antibiotics during the month of June for my injured toe (PART III)—as any goddess knows, strong antibiotic medication does not mesh well with the delicacies of the female sacral chakra organs—I also believe, spiritually speaking, that this area of my body basically needed a complete overhaul, and this recent rejection spurred a profound refurbishment. The surest way to cleanse, purify, and heal anything is through destruction, death, and renewal. My sacral chakra was in misery by the end of June, enduring both physical and emotional challenges following this disappointing emotional loss. Change is sometimes difficult, but this forced me to more closely examine my emotions surrounding love and dating, and gave me a fresher and more inspired motivation to keep going.

[As I have mentioned in the previous posts from this series, Reiki energy, which in this case I received in the middle of June, comes to us and fills us with its healing power. And if our bodies and energetic systems are not aligned with this higher energy, it makes space by literally, and as gently as possible, clearing out (death, destruction, renewal, refurbishment, etc.) what is no longer needed.]

My body is very connected to my emotions, and my emotional traumas (rejection for me is totally traumatic), almost always result in some kind of bodily reaction. I am lucky in this way because my body is constantly letting me know when my emotions need tending to. In this case, the emotional trauma and this phenomenally emotional chakra, had some issues to resolve between one another, and proceeded to do so on their own without any help or input from me. My job as The Goddess Attainable, was to simply allow these two entities to hash things out until they found resolution between one another. It was also my job of course to take care of my body and give it what it needed in order to facilitate healing. Eventually, these two crazy cats worked it out. And although I am still processing a fair amount of emotional residue, my body has finally calmed down. I ultimately survived this sacral chakra obliteration (while in the midst of this storm, I was not quite sure I would make it through), and this area of my body has since been restored to equilibrium, ascending like a Phoenix from the flames.


Film still from X-Men: The Last Stand. Jean Grey’s alter-personality, the Phoenix, is an iconic character and embodies the qualities of unbridled feminine power unleashed, and repeatedly expresses and releases the potent energies of death, destruction, and renewal. Also, ironically, my first and only long-term boyfriend from years ago, told me that I reminded him of this character (he was coming from a place of endearment and I was ultimately quite flattered by the compliment) as we were leaving the movie theater, having watched this for the first time together. By the way, be sure to watch this movie if you have not seen it. It is AMAZING and she is enthralling!


“Reiki gently brings our spiritual journey into focus, and increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in our lives” – Linda Rethwisch

From my experience with Reiki thus far, I have learned that its gentle nature encompasses much more than healing the body and working with energy. Reiki is a subtle force that enters where there is room to enter and heals what is needed most. Reiki custom tailors to every individual soul and no two healing journeys are alike. Reiki does not solve all problems (no one thing does) but is a tool and a vehicle for change. If you feel ready to allow yourself the divine experience of change, I encourage you to invite Reiki into your world, and simply trust the process.

This four-part Reiki series, which ultimately ended up having less to do with Reiki per se, and more to do with my internal healing in and around the constructs of Reiki and its entrance into my life, has been a healing process for me, in and of itself. Reiki is also something that I believe is difficult to speak about and must be experienced, so I did my best to give you an idea of the way Reiki has affected my body and my life, both directly and indirectly. I hope I succeeded in this task and I thank you for joining me on this Goddess adventure.


Diamond Beach, New Jersey, June 28, 2018. I recall feeling so emotionally and physically miserable when I took this picture. But wow, did this beautiful ocean inspire me to hang in there and enjoy myself, despite all the gloom that was encircling me during this time. Thank you to my family for helping me through that rough month of June. And thank you, Jersey Shore, for always being You.

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