I have created a new and improved website and I’m so excited to share it with you!

This Goddess Attainable blog began in July 2017 and is NOT going anywhere, so don’t worry! However, as of late, I have also been cultivating my lifelong pursuit as an artist. I have kept these platforms separate for some reason, but the time has come to merge, and it feels amazing to finally align in this way. After all, this goddess is not just one thing. She is many things and has many forms of expression. It feels good to have everything all in one place now, and I invite you to enjoy the refurbished Goddess Attainable experience. Again, this blog is not going anywhere and my new website has a link back to this beautiful baby.

I have my artwork not only available to view on this new website, but you can also visit my shop on Society6 if you are hankering for a tangible piece of this goddess. I refuse to be possessed by anyone, but I don’t really mind if you want a memento from The GA to beautify your life.

Visit my new site if you get the chance, follow me on Instagram, sign up for my newsletter, and/or just keep enjoying my blog! Thanks always for the support and until next time…



Published by

The Goddess Attainable

I am from Reading, PA and I live, work, and create in the Philadelphia area. The Goddess Attainable is for goddeses like me, living each day as perfectly imperfect women in the real world. I hope this site inspires you as much as it inspires me!

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